Linda Boyer, Certified Massage Therapist
Virginia Certificate #0019003754

PSX_20171025_001732Hello! I graduated from the Advanced Fuller School of Massage Therapy here in Virginia Beach, and I’ve been certified since 2002.

My massage style is a unique blend of several different therapeutic techniques:

  • focused on helping you to relax,
  • getting relief for your chronic pain,
  • spending time on the areas you need most help with,
  • increasing your range of motion,
  • and just helping your day to go better.

Here are some benefits for you, from working with me:

    • You will have a calm, quiet atmosphere during your massage. I joke that I’m not much of a talker, so my business is Quiet Strength. But it’s true.
      If you want to talk during your massage, feel free. But I won’t be chatty if you’re needing some peace & quiet.
    • Online booking so you can schedule your appointment easily.
    • Your 60-minute massage will be 60 minutes of actual massage time on the table. (Many of the franchises & spas will only give you 50 minutes.)
    • Personalized massages… we can focus your session on the areas that you’re most concerned about.
    • Have you ever found a therapist you really liked, and then they have disappeared next time you tried to book with them? I’m a one-person business, so that won’t happen here.
    • Unique services for you to try, including Hawaiian Sacred Lomi.


  • If you are going through cancer treatment or have a history of cancer, you want your therapist to be educated about how to work with you safely. I specialize in Oncology Massage Therapy (& I’m a survivor also.)

  • Organic essential oils used for aromatherapy massages, without GMOs or harmful ingredients.
    For general massage, I use organic/pesticide-free Jojoba. It’s non-allergenic, won’t clog your pores, and is close to your skin’s natural oils.
  • I offer you 15 years’ worth of experience.
    And I’m always studying & researching different conditions that my clients present with, and learning more so I can serve you better.

Many clients have said, “This is one of the best massages I’ve ever had!”

The way I first learned about the benefits of massage was this: after being rear-ended in a car accident, I had neck & shoulder pain. It got worse after I began using a computer at my job every day. But I found out that some of my friends were good at massaging, and we used to massage each other’s necks & shoulders. I frequently said, “They teach this in massage school, you know. I should look into that.”

After moving to Virginia Beach in 2000, I finally decided to switch careers and get professional massage therapy training. I graduated from the Fuller School, here in Virginia Beach, in 2002. A few weeks later, I passed the certification exam with flying colors, and have maintained my Virginia Board of Nursing certificate ever since.

During the past 15 years I’ve worked at several spas, massage clinics, & hair salons in Hampton Roads. After using the business name Lend a Hand Massage Therapy for a long time, I’ve re-branded as Quiet Strength Massage Therapy, LLC.

I love to take advanced training classes and integrate the lessons into ways to serve my clients better. And I’ve been fortunate to take many classes with well-known instructors in the massage therapy field. (Hawaiian Sacred Lomi with Tom Cochran; pathology with Ruth Werner; medical massage/orthopedic classes with Ralph Stephens, James Waslaski, Benny Vaughn, & Ben Benjamin.) I’ve also been trained in Oncology Massage under Tracy Walton’s program. I’ve traveled to Denver, Baltimore, and NC to take classes and take learning very seriously.

When my client comes in with a particular health issue, I’ll do my best to research it and learn about any special massage techniques that may be beneficial. I want to help you as much as possible, within my scope of practice.


  • Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (abmp.com)
  • Past team member of ERMI (Emergency Response Massage International)
  • Past volunteer for CAUSE-USA (chair massage for wounded soldiers)
  • Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (2002)
  • Certified by the Virginia Board of Nursing (regulates massage therapy here in VA. #0019003754 is my license number.)

When I was the massage therapist at a particular medi-spa in Virginia Beach, they were given the Bronze award (for Best Place to Get a Massage) in the Virginian-Pilot “Best of the Beach” poll.

If you have a fundraising event, auction, or other program, please contact me to discuss possible donations of gift certificates. I enjoy giving back to the community by supporting a limited number of charities per year.

Originally from the Midwest, I’ve been living on the East Coast for quite a while. When not working, I am active with my church; read nonstop; love to be outside; work on my 1950s fixer-upper; and frequently relax with 20th-century movies.

I am grateful to be a melanoma survivor, after enduring surgery and chemo. That is a big reason that I have taken oncology massage training. In 2001, we were taught that massage was unsafe for anyone who has had cancer; now, we know that we can adapt massage protocols to work with you safely.

I love helping people to improve their health, reduce their aches & pains, and increase their ability to enjoy their lives!

Call or text (757) 343-4072, or use the online scheduling system to book your massage appointment today. I’m looking forward to working with you!

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